Learning Planet is helping remote communities build inspiring, sustainable schools so local children can have the opportunities we've had. If you have just a few seconds, or 6 months, here's how you can help, right now.

Volunteer with Learning Planet in Dhawa, Nepal

We're always in need of qualified teachers, builders, engineers, plumbers, medics, farmers, midwives and many many more. Tell us what you can do!   

Spend from a month to a year in one of the most enchanting places in the world. Volunteer now!


Change a life today, by helping to give a child the opportunity to go to school. 

Sponsor one of Dhawa's "Untouchables" who can't afford the books and uniforms necessary to improve their lives. 

It takes seconds, and will barely touch your bank balance.  Do it now! 

Take a look at what we're up to and choose how you want to get involved. 

Sponsor an individual project that interests you,

or contribute skills, time or resources, instead of money (though that's gratefully accepted too).    Find out how!


Help spread the word about LP and raise funds from your home, office, school or university. 

Pound the streets emblazened with our message,  or blog your heart out for the cause.

Anything and everything helps. Join us and lets start the conversation