Shree Prabhat Secondary School                                

100% Funded. Phase 1 & 2 completed April 2011.

Through 2009 and 2010 we planned and completely refurbished Dhawa's 75 year old school - a 14 room solid stone, two story structure in dire need of repair. The refit proceeded in tandem with our Light4Life project. 

We’ve created a new library, meeting spaces, classrooms for adult evening classes, a workshop, IT centre, and commercial powered units for villagers – alongisde  8 refurbished classrooms for secondary students

300 villagers worked with us to remove mud plaster from the old structure in side and out.

Suspended concrete floors were added on the first floor - to replace the old boards that leaked sound and dust into the rooms below.










All the walls were rendered and painted inside and out.  And the roof was strengthened to accommodate 15 solar panels. 

Lastly, an electric bridge was contructed to take the 240V AC source to the new primary school building constructed 200m above the old school on a new site.

The exterior first floor wooden walkway has been completely rebuilt,  and all the ground floor mud corridors hardsurfaced.

In 2012 we decided to also upgrade the crumbling exterior ntrance ways, building a new 8 foot enclosing wall, new entrances and resurfacing the courtyard, so the school will have a large,  exterior, powered, civic space, to entertain the whole village. 

Here's what all the classrooms looked like before refurbishing began. 
The interior of all Shree Prabhat classrooms looked like this before the refurbishment in 2010. This one would become the library below!

This is how this classroom looks now - it became the beautiful new library:
The first children try out the new library at Shree Prabhat in 2010. Today it can be difficult getting in the door, it's so popular!


Creating a library at Shree Prabhat was our first major project in Dhawa. We wanted to complete it as quickly as possible as none of the 570 children had ever seen a colour story book. 

Once the room has been rebuilt, our first 600 hundred books, both Nepali and English, were made possible by a very kind donation from the Nepal Library Foundation.

All the furniture was hand made and brightly coloured to distinguish the library from anything the kids were used to before. The tables can join together as individual circles or as long playful shapes .
None of the children had ever seen colour books before the library opened in 2010. The library is by far the most popular room in school

New Sponsors

In 2011/12 we received a second, very significant donation from Bookpoint, a Hachette UK company, arranged through the tenactiy and kindness of Hachette COO, Chris Emerson and BookPoint General Manager, Graham Money. More than 800 new titles made the journey from the UK. Thanks Guys!

main new school building - side elevation