If you'd like to help fund a sustainable project in a remote region - if you have useable skills, great ideas, access to materials, time to fund raise, or money to spend -  we'd love to have you with us.

We have a number of projects you can adopt, and all donations count - even as little as £1. Or if you can afford to fund an entire project, we welcome benefactors at any level. Either way, 100% of your money will go directly to the project you choose. We're a small, super lean organisation, and every penny counts.

Contributing to any project will help us to achieve our goals. Why not donate a goat, a sewing machine, or an old (working) laptop? All our projects benefit from smaller donations like these, and one sewing machine costs under £50. A goat? Even less. Here's a summary of what we're working on at the moment. Just click on the picture to read more.


Shree Prabhat Secondary School

Shree Prabhat Secondary School

The main building works are now complete, the library and classrooms are finished but the interior is not yet fully equipped. Help us equip the computer room and add other key facilities.

 Find Out More       Support This Project     Finishes Dec 2011


Lower Dhawa Nursery School

Lower Dhawa Nursery School

The worst school building we've ever seen, and now half way to completion. The new nursery/primary school for 50 3-6 yr old children has been designed by Architecture for Humanity  

Find Out More       Support This Project     Begins March/April 2011



     Piped Clean Water for Dhawa

Dhawa's population - mostly the women - spend up to 3 hours ever day simply fetching water. And what they get is not clean. Help us transform the welfare of the whole village.

Find Out More       Support This Project     Begins 2012