Let there be light! 

Back in Kathmandhu again we drove out to the airport today on our little red scooter in the searing heat, arriving with a fresh coating of brown dust head to toe.. "Very fetching" says Dita looking at my once white shirt.. The clever little bugger is wearing brown!

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Building our first road!

Parking our 3 ton trucks full of sand within site of the village - just across the valley on an adjacent hillside - we seemed so very, very close. Then the muddy mountain road simply stopped. It would have to be by hand from here. Ater 19 hours on the road covering little over 300 kilometres we were all already exhausted. But it would be 500 man journeys down the mountain and up the other side again from here. Can't we just build more road we wondered...?

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Raising funds online 

Starting to harness the power of the web to raise funds - LP's first international fundraiser goes ahead in Singapore - all possible through the power of the internet (and lots of very considerate people!)

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Arriving in Dhawa

Updated on Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 9:53PM by Registered CommenterJust

LP's first intrepid volunteer, the uniquely named Henrique Veiga Te Winkel arrives in Dhawa for the first time. WIll he have a massive culture shock, or will Riki take it all in his stride..?

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