UK Testing Success

This has come sooner then I was expecting, which is good news as this means that I have a fully functional testbed emulating the mesh architecture I will be using in Nepal. Woohoo!

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Starting the Dhawa Wireless Internet Project

Welcome to my first blog entry - future editions, I promise, will include some interesting pictures and won't be structured like the essay this one has become! But I have to start somewhere and this is to thank my sponsors for their kind support and generous donations to the Dhawa Wireless Internet Project.

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Let the ride begin

So after promising we’d update our blog MUCH more often, I’ve not written a word since arriving back in Nepal in December! What to do? So much has happened! Fortunately the all suffering Nikon has been at the ready throughout.. And now I have a shoebox full of adventures to share with you every day! Well – lets not get our hopes up too much:)

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The great escape!

Well all that effort with our Newsletter - and D and I didn't write any blogs for 3 weeks! Time to make amends.. We've covered so many miles this last month it's all a bit of a blur... But did we tell you the one about the 200,000 Maoist demonstrators descending on the capital while we make a mad dash for the hills?

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Our first Newsletter! 

Our first Newsletter is hot off the press.  We've had something of a crash course in desk top publishing - so we hope it's laid out OK. Just click the images below to read it or download the whole Newsletter as a PDF.