Extending Dhawa.net
Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 5:34AM
Matt B


School Assembly

After taking a Christmas break to Malaysia with my girlfriend I am now back in the village. My time away has allowed me to come back with fresh eyes and really enjoy settling back into village life. The incredible scenery of course, but also the community spirit. And such a contrast - not just in dress and customs, but how they think and deal with life.

At the moment I’m mainly focusing on extending coverage by placing nodes at spots that lend themselves to RF comms. I need to do some customer research thou to really make sure the signal penetrates in the right places.  

But much more exciting is that I have been invited to provide ‘technical input’ at next week’s Dhawa Goat Breeding Association meeting. Not sure exactly what technical input I’m supposed to give – it’s a bit off subject and I don’t know a thing about goats, but sounds fun all the same.

Onto the pics:

Great Skype moments:


Dad chats to son in UAEGrandmother chats to Grandson in Korea 


Me working to connect the Health Post 










Example installations:

Small scale, local/domestic


Medium scale, public buildings Large, piggy- backing on commercial installations after negotiating with NTC




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